Investing Only After Reading the Terms and Documents Page

I always wonder why there are many selfish people in this world. All such people think is to earn money by cheating innocent people like me. They cheat people by selling unwarranted products by showing hypothetical future. It’s no use of blaming them even I had to be careful before purchasing such stuffs. Here I’m talking about investment which lures innocent customers like us to invest but at the end we don’t get even our invested amount. Till the time we complain or initiate action against them they vanish with our hard earned money. I was only coming off a setback when someone told me about an investment scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd.
The first thought which came to my mind was to hit the person who came up with the investment plan. I controlled my anger but politely refused him. He was my nephew who was working with some multi-national company. He knows that I love investing my hard earned money, but he was not aware that one of my investments went for a toss. I was duped for the entire invested amount. When I told him that I lost one of my investments he was very much angry on me as he had warned me against investing in any company without inquiring. I committed the mistake as they showed me some rosy pictures of the investment return which induced me to invest. He was not in a mood to talk after listening to this story, all he did was dumped some forms in the table and went. Even I felt bad coz he was the only one who cares about me and even after his warning I committed the mistake.
Later in the evening, I viewed the forms which he left on the table. The forms were of Pancard Club investment scheme. I thought that I would go through the terms and conditions of this investment scheme and will impress my nephew by investing in the scheme. The scheme was completely different from other schemes which I have heard ever. Even this scheme promised many things but I was sure that there will be contradictory statements in the terms and conditions documents. To my surprise I found none. But I was adamant that I need to find at least one contradictory statement in Pancard club investment scheme so that I can tell my nephew I had read the documents carefully.
The whole night I spent reading each and every detail of the offers. The more I read the document the more I was keen on investing. The scheme was providing accommodations at their hotels for a period of three to ten years provided we invested in their scheme. Few days later my nephew came in again inquiring about the scheme. I said that I would invest in the scheme but he was reluctant. He casually said that I don’t know even what scheme is this all about. I started explaining him the investment scheme to which he was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe that I read the whole offer documents.

Benefit From the Luxurious Amenities and Accommodations of Waikiki Parc Hotel Without the Need of Investing a Fortune

If you are traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii, and you happen to be wanting for a scenic site to stay, then you definitely are not able to go incorrect with Waikiki Parc Hotel. Nestled correct in the cardiovascular system of a vibrant and beautiful beachfront city, the Hotel is often a luxurious boutique resort ideal regarded for its unpretentious hospitality, contemporary type and exceptional charm? With its serene and tranquil setting, the Hotel delivers their visitors a peaceful and reinvigorating respite in midst in the bustling Waikiki neighborhood.

Compared to other luxury and boutique hotels in Waikiki, it has a better and more convenient spot. If you happen to be traveling to Waikiki by plane, you might find it relatively easy to locate this four-star hotel. Right after touchdown on the Honolulu International Airport, you may hop over a taxi or lease a limousine or vehicle to get you for the hotel. Regardless of your mode of property transportation you select, the vacation time from your airport for the lodge would require 25 minutes or not as much.

Aside from its close proximity on the Honolulu International Airport, the Hotel can also be established just a few minutes absent from the spot’s prime and most celebrated tourist spots and attractions, including the Waikiki Aquarium and Waikiki beach. On top of that, this luxurious 4-course lodge is located near the Royal Hawaiian Center that is one in every of Honolulu’s best and most well-liked searching centers. On top rated of everything, it is surrounded having a plethora of restaurants and quickly foods chains providing a wide variety of cuisines.

As company of this 4-star boutique hotel, you will be pampered and taken care of as if you will be a fellow member with the royal loved ones. At Waikiki Parc Hotel, you receive to get pleasure from a limitless array of lavish amenities, which includes a laundry room, a physical fitness health club which has a range of products, assembly rooms for business conferences, guest lounge, and a concierge. Furthermore, this exquisite and majestic lodge showcases a rooftop pool, wherever you can chill out and unwind too as love picturesque views of the city and ocean.

Although enjoying the incredible amenities and encounters of the Hotel, you also get a possibility to understand the best way to surf too as get simple discover to some couple of intriguing museums. Unlike one other motel in Waikiki neighborhood, this classy boutique lodge provides specialized surfing classes to all their visitors. Furthermore, guests of this lodge can appreciate VIP discover to two prominent museums, namely the Honolulu Museum and Bishop Museum.

The most effective matter about the hotel is which you will not should expend an incredible offer of money so as to appreciate its top rated-notch service, luxurious amenities and cozy accommodations. For less than 5 hundred bucks, you get a prospect to benefit from the finer items in existence at this superb and top-rated four star Waikiki resort. So, if you are hunting for any Waikiki lodge that would give you wonderful worth for your income, it may be the appropriate site to be.

Be careful on the facts of Real estate investing

A successful real estate investor is constantly concerned in the act of solving many problems at a time; this is how people have a tendency to become successful. It is significant to note the truth that the facts, skill, practice, contacts and the resources you have their can be additional amount of solutions that you can offer.

Besides to this it is important to note that as a real investor you have lots of familiarity that can help you to offer an imminent of the real estate investor. This excellence of yours can help a number of individuals to have access to the solving of the diverse queries that they desire it to be solved. Additionally you can even challenge the rivalry best in case there are many numbers of individuals approaching to you for cracking their real estate queries and doubts.

Therefore it is essential that you have to promote the fact that you are skilled person who can solve all the queries pretending in real estate investing and also up hold lots of data about the industry along with the current dynamics. You are also required to put in position about the information that you are going to be absolutely honest, fair and very much precise in making quick decisions ahead of the competition is in place to convince those people to act according to their benefit.

So it is vital to know the competition and even the method of marketing. Consequently it is chief to understand on the reality that you need to have a scheme decided that will assist you to choose your target audience. And even drawing them with the well sketch message which you are about to make use of it for conveying to the potential audience.
The First and foremost thing it is necessary to settle on the fact as what you are going to concentrate in, as there are a many options that you can prefer from.

Options like the condos vacation land, homes for single family, apartments for one to four families, hotels for commercial purpose, strip malls, plaza’s or malls for office, restaurants, mobile home parks, stores and garages. Apart from this for the industrial purpose there are different preference like plant, processing plant, industrialized plants, farms which has been classified as commercial, manufacturing, or farming, depending on the diverse zones, and additionally you can also opt to specialize in raw lands where you have various preference like lots, holiday, entertaining, sub-divided inhabited, business, trade, agricultural and further unique purposes.

Below listed are the several methods which will help you to find out best deals for the real estate investing:

Have a glimpse at the magazines, bulletin boards, local news papers and the other small publications. It is vital that you go from end to end each and every publication. It is essential that you promote about yourself so that you are able to acquire valuable output. Bear in mind to go through the legal aspects of the real estate investing papers.

Hotel Investors Cautious of Monetary Unit Overha

Hotel Investors cautious of monetary unit Overhang
I was delighted to attend Deloitte’s twenty fourth European edifice Investment conference in London last week.The conference attracts around four hundred high level business figures and this year’s theme was ‘Brighter skies ahead’

Conference host Nick van Marken, international Head – consultatory, Travel, cordial reception and Leisure commenced proceedings by hospitable everyone and outlining the speaker session topics for the day. i used to be significantly trying forward to the ultimate session of the day that includes a variety of panelists from the London store edifice sector.

Roger Bootle, manager of Capital political economy kicked the sessions off with a significant and slightly lightweight hearted presentation on the state of the world’s economy. I knew there was planning to be some ‘bad’ news forecast once he remarked early in his presentation that the title had been amended from ‘Hurricanes forecast’ to ‘Winds lightweight and variable – the economic outlook’, presumptively to melt the blow of the challenges ahead for the preponderantly European edifice business drawn within the space.

I’ve seen Roger speak before and he is wonderful – invariably participating with a hilarious, somewhat strong vogue.

He summarized the explanations for the mess the united kingdom economy is in with variety of compendious points, namely: international imbalance; unsustainable property boom; weak and over-extended banks and thence customers, and heavily indebted governments, however hastened to feature he felt the worst was over, predicting a slow recovery quickened if Portuguese Republic, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Espana were to exit the monetary unit as their currency.

“Pretty abundant everyone seems to be ready for a Greek exit. Afterwards, we’ll see alternative countries deed – i think Espana and European country.
“A break-up of the eurozone – that’s a separation into completely different blocks – is an element of the answer to the matter [of lack of economic process within the eurozone].” Bootle aforementioned the govt. created a “huge military science error” in talking up the expansion in value within the third quarter, because the economy was boosted by happening factors like the Olympiad. He expected a decline in value within the fourth quarter.

Roger dwelt on a motivating show slide that exemplified the problems poignant the developed world usually. He compared budget deficits in 2007 with 2011 (as a proportion of GDP) between developed countries as compared to the rising markets.

The graph clearly showing however over leveraged Europe, Japan, the united kingdom and therefore the United States area unit as compared to the remainder. thence the BRIC nations have plenty a lot of flexibility inside their economic policy ought to they have to stimulate growth. Conclusion: growth can ought to be stirred from another supply – client spending? and there is a protracted thanks to go till developed countries recover.

The next session featured Denis Hennequin, Chairman and chief executive officer of Accor World Health Organization mentioned he expected their M Gallery store whole to still grow, no surprises there then.

The accord from each the subsequent lenders and personal equity panels was that terribly selective finance was still accessible for the correct comes however it remains tough for developers while not a journal. Tim Helliwell mentioned Barclays recent finance of the Dorset sq. edifice, a part of the Firmdale portfolio and a recent collaboration with Neal Ledger, fellow critic from Credit Agricole company associate degreed Investment Bank to finance an Italian edifice project despite economic problems inside the EU.

The next session was entertainingly tempered by Sir David Michels associate degreed featured varied CEO’s World Health Organization jointly gave an update on the state of the ecu edifice market. David asked whether or not currently was a decent chance to select up well-priced assets. astonishingly, all panelists in agreement with Anders Nissen, chief executive officer Pandox AB that despite there being no forecast improvement in Europe there is ” nice opportunities to shop for currently and a few fascinating equity deals”. James F.Risoleo, govt VP, manager – Europe, Host Hotels and Resorts aforementioned they’re experiencing “rays of sunshine and a mid- term smart performance”. the world clearly remains a difficult marketplace.

A brief discussion on the luxurious edifice market and therefore the dynamic guest expertise then passed, lead by what I felt was the takeout comment from the complete session -“Understand that luxury is limited” – professional dancer O’Rourke, Chief in operation Officer, Kempinski Hotels. A salient purpose and that i tend to believe him therein the a lot of you grow your luxury whole, the a lot of diluted within the customers eyes it becomes. alternative tips offered by professional dancer to confirm solid performance in future years enclosed “Stay faithful your edifice proposition, differentiate and perpetually reinvent service”.

Following an excellent networking lunch, we tend to were straight into the space surrendering to Marvin Rust, Tax Partner, Travel, cordial reception and Leisure, at Deloitte and host for the afternoon’s specialize in the united kingdom market.

Marvin bestowed an outline of UK edifice performance supported audience survey feedback ends up in advance of the conference. trying ahead to 2013, forty third of survey respondents thought it’d be a year of doom and gloom, and it’s clear while London remains sturdy, the provinces area unit symptom with a big volume of regional UK edifice debt being refinanced or restructured. The audience was asked regarding what they thought would be the edifice investment themes for 2013 and once more London was tipped to exceed regional activity and investment within the London luxury edifice market would be lead by HNWI from overseas. the bulk of the audience (71%), felt that regional UK dealing costs can retreat to to the height in 3-5 years€¦personally i feel it might take longer. On a a lot of positive note, Marvin showed that edifice investment returns remained highest in 2011 at ten.4% on top of retail, workplace and industrial at seven.1%, 8.8% and 7.4% severally, with the figure powerfully influenced by London edifice transactions.

Marvin then took a quick inspect UK domestic travel trends light a seven-membered increase in travellers deed UK shores, in the main as a result of the rainy Summer then the healthy UK arriving figure of +6% in the main driven by supply markets outside of Europe, significantly the East. A note of caution was highlighted regarding the Chinese visitant into the united kingdom therein supported the quantity of Chinese on-line searches for UK travel designing, the gap between searches and people inbound within the UK is far larger proportionately than the other country. to spice up arriving UK business enterprise, virtually seventy fifth of the audience jointly suggested a lot of efficient Visa process for non-EU tourists and reducing VAT on edifice rooms. In closing, there was a quick inspect the longer term market outlook for London and Regional UK provided by STR. They predict a softening and slight reduction in REVPAR in London, taking under consideration the new openings planned within the capital and a get better within the regions. 2014 – 2016 predictions for London were a 6-8% annual increase in REVPAR, with the regions averaging a 4-5% increase annually. This mirrored a rather brighter micro-environment, than what Roger Bootle had printed from a macro-economic level earlier within the day.

The final session of the day featured a panel of entrepreneurial leaders from inside the store edifice sector: Jeremy King, CEO, Rex edifice Associates; Michael Levie; COO and founding father of citizenM hotels; Billy Skelli-Cohen, Head of edifice Acquisitions and quality Management, The Deerbrook cluster an

What are the Safest Money Investments Today?

When seeking the safest money investments, you’re probably thinking of CDs and bonds, annuities, IRAs and low-risk mutual funds. Or maybe in today’s economy your mind wanders to your local bank’s checking/savings accounts or even burying your money in the back yard!

Though these are often thought of as some of the safest methods of saving or earning money, these are not likely going to yield the returns you’ll need to keep up with inflation. Even as the economy grows weaker, inflation is still occurring right under our noses – which means you’ll need to invest wisely and effectively using high yield safe investments to keep up. But realizing this need for safe investing is just the beginning. Next you’ll need to know how and where to invest. So what are the safest money investments today?

Before You Run for the Hills…

When you hear about real estate investing in these times, you’re probably ready to take your money and run. Don’t fret…even during prosperous times, many investors fear real estate investing despite the high returns on investment the real estate market can yield. Why? Perhaps it’s the uncertainties and the huge amount of investment necessary to get started. Perhaps it’s the fear of a high dollar purchase without a guarantee of re-selling it later. Maybe it’s the fear of making payments on a property while trying to re-sell it on the market.

Well the good news is there’s a type of real estate investing with which you’ll greatly reduce these types of risks. This method of safe investing is called raw land development investments. Raw land development investment is not only a great method of safe high yield investing, it is also an easy market to enter….and you don’t even have to be a part of the buying/developing/selling process! And even while other real estate markets are plummeting, land development investments are still booming.

What are Raw Land Development Investments?

A raw land development investment is the act of investing in raw land (undeveloped), developing the land for commercial or residential purposes, and then enjoying earnings from the development. The developed property might be re-sold or turned into a rental property for profits (condos, hotels, apartments, rental homes, business offices, etc.) It might be used for farming, a public or private park, a golf course, or any other money-producing development.

Raw land is one of the safest money investments yielding a high return because development is always going on…even during a sluggish economy. People still need a place to live, particularly rental opportunities during a slow economy. Businesses still need office space. Farmers still have to plant and harvest their crops. Consider this…raw land developments still provide a foundational investment method for many of the wealthiest investors in the world. Why? Because on average, a raw land development project – when properly managed – will often yield up to three to five times its original price!

No Worries – You Don’t Have to Be Involved

You might still be afraid to take that final step because you simply don’t want to be involved in real estate development. The good news is you don’t even have to be involved in the buying, selling, or development process. Land developers are always seeking “silent partners” to invest money, but not time and energy into raw land development projects. This silent investor can be an individual, business, trust, partnership, pension fund, or other organization.

Being a silent investor means you are not involved in the decision-making process, development tasks, or the management of the property. It’s similar to investing in the stock market. When you invest money in a particular company through the stock market, you do not actually go to work for that company or participate in the decision-making process. You are simply putting your money on the table for the company to utilize to promote and build the business. Then you reap the rewards when the business does well. Raw land development investments work similarly. And though there are no guarantees with any type of investment, land development has proved to be one of the top high yield safe investments.

So if you find yourself always asking “What is the best investment for my money?” then carefully consider raw land development investments. If you’re not sure if it’s a wise decision for you, feel free to seek free independent financial advice from a raw land development expert. An expert can guide you through the process, discuss the pros and cons with you, and help you find out what is the safest place to invest money based on your financial and personal situation.

Hotel Asset Management: A Key to Success

Hotel asset management is actually a structured and absolute approach to the management which make sure that investment made in the business comes back with return for all stakeholders involved. When it is applied to the commercial accommodation industry, hotel asset management refer to analyse and control the performance of the hotel, according to the portfolio assessment and assets level management.
The expert consultants with their vast experience and knowledge in hotel asset management provide more information. They apply new policies and systems that generates tangible benefits to the bottom line earnings of the business, its operational effectiveness, client satisfaction levels and contributing to the growing value of the assets. These professional consultants having great knowledge of hotel asset management, work very closely with each member of the hotel including the owners, managers and other employees and make plans and execute them too with proper strategies to generate profit which results in both long and short term.
Even after so many plans and strategies, still the question comes into the mind is how to achieve it? The first step to be taken is the process of benchmarking the asset performance of the hotel. It helps to evaluate the current and past performance levels. It actually includes all the aspects of the management of the premise together with the negotiation of management contracts, economic plan and recommendation, the assessment and continued development of hotel management performance, employee relations, incorporating capital budgets and implementing a planned approach to the evaluation of risk of any particular asset or the asset portfolio.
While verifying the financial and operational performance, the expert consulting professional will always evaluate the latest performance of the asset against the estimated as well as prior budgets. As per the past performance the standard of future performance is measured and set. Moreover, sales activity, marketing strategies, revenue management, measurement of customer satisfaction and all other activities are also measured to achieve the ultimate target.
Since Hotel Asset Management in Indonesia is not that easy and cannot be handled alone or by anyone, it is advisable to hire a consulting firm which offers such facilities. Expert professionals from form can make the task easier for you without any hurdle. You can simply handover everything to them and they will evaluate, scrutinize and implement things accordingly. Hence, make sure that you get the right consultant so as to make proper use of your assets and get more profit with better future aspects.

Benefits of a Condo Hotel Investment

A condo hotel investment is a way to own vacation property without the hassle incurred with other property ownership. Condo hotel property has become very popular in Orlando in recent years. This is a top vacation spot in Florida and there is high demand for rentals. With a condo hotel, you will get more money for rentals than you would with many other types of property.

Condo hotel units are larger in Orlando than in most large cities in Florida, such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In addition, they tend to be less expensive per square foot here than in south Florida. In Orlando, prices are between four hundred and seven hundred dollars per square foot. In south Florida, this price jumps to between one thousand and two thousand per square foot.

How a Condo Hotel Investment Works

Condo hotels are high rise, luxury properties. They are often run by large hotel companies, such as Hilton, Trump, Hyatt or Four Seasons. They have the amenities and services that are typical of five star hotels. Most have spas, pools, fine dining, laundry service and room service.

You purchase the condo and use it when you want to vacation in Orlando. The condo hotel has a rental program. The company takes care of renting, maintenance and cleaning. They also operate the services offered by the hotel. In return, the company keeps a percentage of the rental fees.

The best deals can be found prior to the beginning of construction and in the very early stages of construction. After this phase, the cost of ownership increases dramatically. Some tend to sell out fast, so you need to get in early to get the best price and be sure to get a space in the hotel of your choice. This is especially true in areas with a high rate of tourism, such as Orlando and other large cities in Florida.

Who Pays What in a Condo Hotel Investment?

There are a variety of expenses involved in a condo hotel. Some of these fees are paid by the owner and others are paid by the operator of the hotel. The owner pays all the taxes and insurance on the unit. Any improvements that are needed, or wanted in the unit are the responsibility of the owner as well. If you need new tile in the bathroom, you will be responsible for paying the bill for the installation.

The operator pays the operating expenses of the hotel. This includes all administrative costs and marketing, such as advertising the units for rental. In addition, the costs incurred for housekeeping are paid by the operator. This includes the salary of the cleaning personnel, supplies and other equipment needed to keep the hotel in good condition.

When you purchase the property, you will need to sign an owner’s agreement. This should stipulate the amount of money you get and the company gets for rental on the condo. The agreement should spell out when you plan to use your condo. How much time will you be staying there? If you want to add more time, how much notice do you need to give the company? This is important because if the unit is already rented, you may not be able to stay there.

Make Hotel Investment in NYC

New York is known for having a great hotel accommodation. The hotels in New York are remarkable and elegant. That is why people who used to check in into those hotels are purely satisfied.

The Domain Properties is proud to introduce the latest details about the Manhattan Industry. Buyers and Sellers focuses on the market sales every now and then. The Manhattan Hotel Industry is having a potential to rise and develop for the incoming years. The Domain Properties will be the most major competitor in the lucrative market place. It is also the trusted leading resource for buyers, sellers and banks who want their investment in Manhattan Hotel become more productive.

In the year 2010, the Manhattan Hotel Industry started the year with very encouraging offers. All of the guests were enjoying their discounted hotel rates. In this year it was expected that the hotel capacity will rise at 12%. And in the middle of the year, the benefit of adversity is already foreseen in U.S Hotel Industry. It is a great advantage for the Hotel Investors in New York if there is an increase in vacation travel and business trips, because there is also an increase demand of vacant hotel rooms for check in.

Every year, the hotels were trying to improve their quality, so that the visitors will have a luxurious vacation. Some of the hotels in New York are under renovations. Although, it is under reconstruction, some of the hotel rooms were still open to accommodate.

Generally, the hotel investment market was very competitive this year. The transaction quantity reached to a billion of dollars. The overall sale is quiet higher than the previous estimates. For this reason, a total of 466 hotel transactions and Hotel Property Sales in NYC are approved globally in year 2010.

It was always been a better time to buy NYC hotel. Occupancy rates are into the highest points, since they were ascending every year. No one is bothered about the competition from other hotels. Every hotel in NYC has a different unique feature that is why almost hotels in Manhattan would survive.

There are hotels that there target is the luxury market. The Commercial Real Estate in New York has a different environment with luxurious rooms. They also have simple yet comfortable accommodations. As the US economy rises, NYC is expected to continue as a booming metropolis with a great real estate market.

The New York hotels are predicted to rise and develop for the upcoming years. NYC Hotels are determined to cover every place to attract and encourage all kinds of travelers from business trips to seasonal vacationers. The NYC hospitality management offers expensive luxury and affordable luxury for everyone. New York is also attaining foreign visitors and hotel investors in NYC. The Manhattan hotel industry is a striking market. The NYC industries will just making it better and there is no way that a committed and innovative entrepreneur cannot make a triumph in this industry.

How a Sustainable Hotel Investment in La Parma Could Work for You

As an investor or customer in the hospitality industry, it is usual for you to expect that the hotel business you are going to invest in will be able to meet the sustainable hotel investment requirements. Businesses are gradually taking an environmentally friendly practice and it almost becoming mandatory that hotels take the Eco-friendly approach. If a hotel is to take in guests, host meetings and hold seminars, they will have the responsibility of seeking to make these events as Eco-friendly as possible. Sustainable La Parma hotel investments will work much better if it cooperates with an international organization whose aim is to promote sustainable tourism.

La Parma, an island on the Spanish Atlantic Coast, is also referred to as the Green Island because it boasts of a country side with natural beauty, meaning that it is one of those great sustainable investment locations. The island has been declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve as a result of what its countryside has to offer. The countryside is strewn with different species of plant and volcanoes and there is a national park that is focused on the preservation of these heritages which work with UNESCO to ensure sustainable tourism investment.

For an investor or partner in sustainable hotel investment, there can also be cooperation with such groups as sustainable travel investment. This is an organization that promotes responsible tourism and at the same time helping travel and tourism providers to provide sustainable investment solutions. With this kind of relationship, you business can benefit from green initiatives to help you host guests and functions in the hotel investment and at the same time stick to the requirements for environmentally friendly business practices. Not only is this good for the environment but will give you more business and profitability since travelers and tourists are fast embracing a consciousness for the environment.

As a hotel business in sustainable investment locations, you have the opportunity to lower your carbon footprint by limiting the resources your guests use when they are staying in the hotel. You can have a policy that does not include plastic bottles on the property. This would be a welcome idea considering that plastic bottles can be quite wasteful and yet they take a sizable amount of resources to make in addition to taking extended periods to break down. A sustainable hotel development can instead offer recyclable cups to be used by guests in a meeting or conference.

You should consider using recyclable bins in your sustainable investment locations because then your guests will consider you to be environmentally conscious. Besides the bins, there are also reusable shopping bags than can efficiently replace polythene bags. They are more durable thus saving your guests some money. It is is highly recommended that you find as many ways as possible of using environmentally friendly materials. This will be a good hotel investment. Use of garbage liners is advisable as well if you are using sustainable hotel investment. They are very efficient as far as resources are concerned and can be used more than once.

Serviced Apartments Create Higher Returns Than Hotel Investments

‘Long run occupancy on serviced apartments is 5.8 percentage points higher than hotels but with almost double the operating profit margin, serviced apartments clearly offer an attractive alternative to hotels’ claims The 2012 Savills UK serviced apartment report.
Commercial Property Investments have traditionally been out of reach of every day property investors due to the higher purchase prices. Being a hotel owner would require a vast some of capital and investors could only have a stake by investing in a commercial property fund.
In recent months there has been a flurry of Hotel Investments advertised on the property portals such as Global Property Guide and The Move Channel. Hotel room investment property is accessible to everyone because it has a low entry cost – from as little as £ 15,000 – for the purchase of a hotel room.
‘Hotel Room Investments are very popular with non-resident investors and first time property investor because the offer hands off investment with incredible returns; yields as high as 10% are being achieved by our investors’ says Graham Flaherty of One Touch Property Investment.
In March 2012, the Hurst House Hotel was made available for investment with 10% Net returns for 15 years and a 150% buyback guaranteed – which understandably created a significant amount of interest.
Commercial properties such as hotel room investments and serviced apartments typically have long commercial leases with the operator and can therefore be included in a Self-Invested Pension Plan. There are tax saving benefits of investing in a SIPP whereby one can claim back between 20 percent and 40 percent of the purchase price for tax paid on the amount invested. There only drawbacks are that there is no personal usage and income can only be withdrawn at 3 percent of the total SIPP value until retirement age.
Some landlords still prefer owning an apartment rather than a hotel room investment because they feel that there is a stronger exit strategy. They have opened up their minds to investing in serviced apartments because the rental rates are nearly four times higher than the rents achieved on buy-to-let property in the private rented sector.
Recent property releases, such as The Richmond Luxury Living serviced apartments in Liverpool,offer high yield income generating Net returns of between 15.5% and 25% per annum . The luxury properties in City Centre Liverpool are being snapped up by cash investors seeking solid rental returns.The general manager, Steven Hesketh, joins Richmond Luxury Living directly from delivering 84% occupancy in 2011at Bridgestreet LiverpoolOne. Investors feel their fully-managed property invest is in safe hands!
There is a relative shortage of serviced apartments in Liverpool, compared with hotels rooms: in 2010 there were only 207 serviced apartments in Liverpool City Centre, out of the total of 4470 rooms, available according to the June 2011 Liverpool Hotel Fact File. The average serviced apartment’s occupancy level of 76% was higher than the Four Star Hotels in Liverpool with 73.5% and Budget Hotels at 74.5%.
Boosted by the Capital of Culture Award 2008 and significant investment over the past 10 years in Liverpool it is already by viewed by overseas visitors as a destination of great sporting and musical significance. Government spending of £ 9million on the development of Pier Head port, which has just been opened to International cruise liners, will further enhance tourism number and occupancy rates in Liverpool.